Escape tree house kit

The escape tree house is a traditional sloped roof house interpretation. The escape tree house is 1.5 m long and 2 m wide. Sidewall height is 1.6 m and the height at the rooftop is 2.1 m. The tree house is dedicated for 1-2 kids to play and stay. The windows are directed to 3 sides, the door is in the corner of the terrace sidewall.
Materials used to produce our tree house kits are described here.

The Escape tree house has a terrace in front of it. The total length of the terrace can be up to 3.5 m and the width – up to 2 m. The length depends on the distance between the trees and the diameter of the trees. The minimal distance between the trees must be at least 2.5 m. If you have a smaller space, please contact us for a custom-made tree house offer.

Possible modifications for Escape tree house: we can change the dimensions of the windows, as an option client can order the fourth window in the terrace side wall, next to the door. It is possible to change the place of the door and the ladder. Changes of places of the door and the ladder, and sizes of windows are free of charge.

The customization according to the trees, landscape and backyard is free of charge.

Extra window costs EUR 200.

The roof window on one side of the roof costs EUR 200 extra. It is possible to make two roof windows on both sides of the sloped roof (2 roof windows in total).
Changing the tree house colour is possible for EUR 700 extra. The tree house can be painted with the colour of your choice in accordance with RAL.
The price of a basic Escape tree house kit is EUR 7,600 (21% VAT incl.). Shipping is not included in the price.

Escape play house kit back side
Escape tree house size
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